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Globalsync Recruitment Policy

Globalsync understand that your privacy is important. With this Privacy Policy, Globalsync aims to make sure you understand how Globalsync maintains and collects your personal information, explain the purposes of Globalsync processing your personal information for how long and additionally inform you on your rights and give an understanding of certain requirements under any applicable data protection legislation that relate to data protection, privacy, the use of information relating to individuals, and or the information rights of individuals to which you and/or Globalsync are subject to, and any relevant national laws implementing the same (“Applicable Data Privacy Laws”).

This Privacy Policy only applies to the personal information of job applicants, potential candidates for employment, and participants of our optional recruiting programs and events.

Some of our online recruiting activities enable access to external sites operated by third parties, which are not governed by this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any such sites before you submit information there.


The types of personal information that Globalsync requests from you and the ways that we process it are determined by the requirements of the Globalsync office’s country in which the position is located, and not the country in which you reside. If you apply to more than one location or if the role to which you apply is available in more than one country, the types of personal information we request from you and the ways that we process it are determined by the requirements of all Globalsync offices’ countries in which the position is located. It can include e.g. your name, contact data of email address, phone number, CV/Resume information, employment and educational history, grades, and data relating to your recruiting performance, where applicable documentation required under immigration laws as well as criminal records or other data revealed during background screenings.

In addition to information, you may submit directly to us now, we also collect information from third-party sources, such as professional recruiting firms, resume books, student organizations, and social media sites, and from Globalsync employees who referred you for the role in order to populate your profile. As a result, you may see information in your profile which you did not provide directly to us. We encourage you to revise any data which you feel is inaccurate or outdated or that you prefer not to include and we thank you for your help in keeping your profile up to date.

We may collect sensitive personal data about a candidate to the extent prescribed by applicable laws (e.g., U.S. equal opportunity laws) and, where applicable, to support our efforts to support Globalsync’s diversity goals, evaluate the effectiveness of our equal opportunity policy and create an inclusive and diverse work environment.  We may collect some optional information that may reveal your sensitive personal data when we ask you about your dietary requirements for events registration, or whether you are interested in any Globalsync affiliation initiatives only to invite you specifically to the events based on your choices, and you may share with us information or a photo or video, which can reveal for instance your ethnicity or disability status. If you choose to provide your sensitive data, your data will be shared only with the authorised Globalsync employees on a strictly need-to-know basis only for the purposes explained at the time of collection, subject to your consent and will never be used for any individual employment decision making. Sensitive personal information is a subset of personal information and includes ethnicity, health, sexual orientation, as well as other categories, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data as prescribed by Applicable Data Privacy laws or other relevant laws.

You are not required to provide any requested information to us but failing to do so may result in not being able to continue your candidacy for the job for which you have applied.


Personal information is processed in the following ways and in accordance with Applicable Data Privacy Laws, the processing is based on the lawful bases as stated below. 

  • In some situations, as listed below, we may need to process your personal data for the legitimate interests pursued by us for the following purposes, unless consent is required specifically under Applicable Data Privacy laws
  • Recruiting and business management reasons including, identifying, and evaluating candidates for potential employment, as well as for future roles that may become available 
  • Inviting you to recruiting events and keeping you informed about recruiting programs
  • In case of active sourcing, analyzing if you might fit with a role and initiating contact with you
  • to assess suitability for the role you apply and to communicate with you in relation to your application
  • in case you accept an offer from Globalsync for a role, running background checks [2], financial checks where applicable, and identity verification 
  • Record keeping in relation to recruiting and hiring; we will retain your data for a period of up to five years subject to your consent, if you join a recruiting program; 
  • Store your data on a global tool which also enables Globalsync to assess your application for available roles in different Globalsync offices; 
  • For marketing communications from Globalsync based on your consent where required[3] ensuring compliance with legal requirements (e.g. immigration laws, tax laws), including diversity requirements and practices; and protecting our legal rights to the extent authorized or permitted by law. 

Whatever the outcome of your application or other interaction with us, we may also analyze, in anonymized form, your personal information or aggregated data to improve our recruitment and hiring process by using such information to build algorithms that will inform our decisions about future candidates, and augment our ability to attract successful candidates from diverse backgrounds.

We process your personal information for the purposes described above: when we have your consent to do so, where applicable; when necessary to enter into an employment contract with you; when necessary for us to comply with a legal obligation; or when necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests as an employer operating globally. You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to careers@globalsync.com.au


In certain jurisdictions, our recruitment process may include data analytics and algorithms to help us to efficiently review the large quantities of candidates and application data that we receive.  When you submit a job application, the information you share with us will be screened and compared to the predefined responses and scores set for the relevant roles. You may also undergo a series of online assessments. We may collect data generated by your participation in psychological, technical or behavioural assessments. The predefined responses are based on data that indicates what good job performance at Globalsync looks like and/or in relation to these assessments.  You will receive more information about the nature of such assessments before your participation in any of them.

These results are always considered in tandem with, and not in lieu of, human judgement and evaluation of individual candidates.


Globalsync uses carefully selected third-party service providers and business partners who: 

  • provide a recruiting software system; 
  • process information on our behalf to help run some of our internal business operations including email distribution and IT services; 
  • assist us in recruiting talent, administering and evaluating pre-employment screening and testing, and improving our recruiting practices; 
  • assist in scheduling, organizing and hosting events, meetings and interviews; 
  • law enforcement bodies in order to comply with any legal obligation or court order. 

Globalsync will ensure that legal mechanisms are in place with such third parties to protect your personal information. 


Because Globalsync is a global organization we need to transfer personal information across geographical borders to Globalsync entities, our service providers or business partners in other countries working on our behalf in accordance with Applicable Data Privacy Laws. The personal information is only accessible by authorized persons or vendors who are bound by privacy requirements.


Globalsync has in place appropriate technological and operational security processes designed to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Only authorized employees and providers will have access to any data provided by you, and that access is limited by need. Each employee or provider having access to any personal information is obligated to maintain its confidentiality. Although we take steps that are generally accepted as industry standard to protect your personal information, Globalsync cannot guarantee that your personally identifiable information will not become accessible to unauthorized persons.


If we do not employ you, we may continue to retain and use your personal information for a period of time (which may vary depending on the country) for system administration purposes, and to perform research. At the expiry of this period, we will retain a minimum amount of your personal information to record your recruiting activity with us. In addition, we may ask you for permission to retain your personal data to consider you for future employment opportunities, as part of our optional recruiting programs. In this case, we will retain your data for a period of up to five years.


In accordance with Applicable Data Privacy Laws, including but not limited to the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), you have a right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you and details of how we use that information. If any of the information held about you is incorrect or out of date, you have the right to amend or rectify it. Please follow the process outlined below and we will amend our records where appropriate. You also have the right to request that we erase your personal data, stop processing your personal data, restrict the processing of your personal data, and provide your personal information in a portable form.  Where processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent to processing. This may not apply if there are other legal justifications to continue processing.

If you think we may have incorrect personal information, or would like a copy of the personal information we hold on you, or to exercise any other data protection right, please write to:  careers@globalsync.com.au. You also have a right to lodge a complaint with your local supervisory authority. 


[1] Personal data only includes information relating to natural persons who can be identified or who are identifiable, directly from the information in question; or who can be indirectly identified from that information in combination with other information.

[2] Globalsync only uses publicly available information for running background checks.

[3] In our marketing communications with you we monitor and comply with applicable data privacy laws and if, at any time, you prefer not to receive further communications from us in any or all forms you will have the ability to unsubscribe from such communications by means of a link provided in every e-mail that is sent to you by us. When subscribing to Globalsync e-mail newsletters, you are given the opportunity to select which promotions, news, and information you would like to receive at the time of sign up, and you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from such communications.

[4] Data transfers within Globalsync entities are governed by Globalsync’c intra company agreements, local data export restrictions and/or local data privacy laws.

[5] CPRA defines sensitive personal information as personal information that reveals an individual’s social security, driver’s license, state identification card, or passport number; account log-in, financial account, debit card, or credit card number in combination with any required security or access code, password, or credentials allowing access to an account; precise geolocation; racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, citizenship, immigration status, or union membership; the contents of mail, email, and text messages unless Globalsync is the intended recipient of the communication; genetic data; The processing of biometric information for the purpose of uniquely identifying an individual; Personal information collected and analyzed concerning an individual’s health; and Personal information collected and analyzed concerning an individual’s sex life or sexual orientation.

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