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Are you looking for the right talent to power your business? Look no further! Our remote staffing agency is your go-to destination for all your recruitment needs. Whether you're seeking local or remote staff, specialized IT professionals, call centre agents, or remote job placements, we've got you covered.

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Meet Globalsync

GLOBALSYNC PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading Business Process Outsourcing service provider that caters to businesses around the world. Our innovative approach allows businesses to easily improvise customer experience, simplify operations, and focus on growth. Our capable team of industry-based specialists, professionals, practitioners, analysts, and strategists all work in sync with you from start to end to provide a one-stop solution that covers all your business needs through advanced technology-based services.
At Globalsync, we pride ourselves on being more than just a remote job staffing agency. We're passionate about encouraging success stories by developing meaningful connections between exceptional talent and rewarding opportunities. We believe in the transformative power of the right fit. Our commitment to being more than a remote job staffing agency is reflected in our personalized approach. We invest time to understand candidates' and businesses' aspirations and requirements truly. By researching each organization's unique culture and specific needs, we curate matches that exceed the conventional employer-employee relationship.

Why Choose Us


Cost-Effective Solutions

Partnering with our remote jobs staffing agency means unlocking incredible cost savings of up to 70% on employee expenses. We specialize in providing budget-friendly remote job solutions through our expertise in tech staffing.



Our roster boasts highly skilled and professional candidates, ensuring exceptional performance in their respective fields. Leveraging our expertise in IT staffing and remote job placements, we help you secure top-tier talent, minimize turnover rates, and enhance overall productivity.



Entrust us to deliver unparalleled quality services. Our meticulous screening process ensures that you hire only the cream of the crop. As a leading call centre staffing agency and remote placements, we prioritize perfection in candidate selection.


24*7 Support

Need assistance beyond standard business hours? Our dedicated support team operates 24/7 to address your queries promptly. As a tech staffing agency, we understand the need for continuous support and guidance, ensuring seamless operations at all times.



Thriving in the tech-driven landscape, we harness cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics to provide bespoke virtual recruitment solutions. Our forte lies in sourcing remote employees across diverse industries, catering to the specific needs of IT staffing agencies and remote job seekers.



Your satisfaction is our driving force. At Globalsync, our fundamental aim is to deliver nothing short of exceptional quality services consistently. As a leading recruitment agencies near me, we prioritize client satisfaction above all else.

Our Onboarding Process

Job Description

At Globalsync, we streamline your remote talent acquisition process using our pre-designed templates, effectively managing multiple job descriptions across various job portals via a centralized platform. As a leading remote staffing agency, we ensure your job listings reach the right candidates through our expertise in tech staffing and remote job placements.

Screening Solutions

Leveraging AI and Automation, we revolutionize the resume review process, allowing asynchronous screening. This empowers you to prioritize deserving candidates swiftly within the recruitment pipeline. As one of the top IT staffing agencies near you, we optimize screening procedures for remote job seekers, enhancing efficiency and precision.


Traditional interviews often overwhelm recruiters with numerous candidates. With our remote staffing solutions, interviews are customized around candidate availability. Responses are recorded and shared with relevant stakeholders. As a sought-after call centre staffing agency, we facilitate structured interviews, ensuring seamless scheduling and comprehensive candidate evaluations.


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