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Instagram Ads: A Guide On How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram Ads: A Guide On How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram advertising is worth considering if you have a budget for paid social media. Why? Instagram advertisements may reach over 1.2 billion individuals or 20% of the world’s population over 13, and 27% of users claim they discover new items and brands via paid social ads.

Here, you’ll find a detailed introduction to advertising on Instagram, including a simple 5-step process for making your first ad with a few clicks.

To What End Should One Promote Their Products On Instagram?

The success of an online store mostly depends on the quality of the product photos they can provide to entice customers to make a purchase. Learning how to promote on Instagram with these high-converting photographs seems like a no-brainer.

Your adverts will be published from your account rather than via a sponsored partnership. You must choose your target audience, set your budget, and start seeing results from your advertising. Using Instagram advertisements may help your company in many ways.

  • Convenient and simple interface
  • Flexibility in pricing
  • In-depth analysis to monitor progress over time

Advertising on Instagram has several benefits, but one of the most notable is the ability to reach thousands of active users without disrupting their experience. According to research by the Mobile Marketing Association, native advertisements result in a 40% increase in user engagement compared to standard display advertisements. This is a staggering number that should make everyone interested in trying out alternative forms of marketing take notice.

Ads On Instagram: A Practical Guide To Using The App

Using the Instagram mobile app is another option for promoting your business on Instagram. This program gives a more straightforward, albeit less sophisticated, means of establishing and maintaining an Instagram advertising campaign. You can boost a current post using the Instagram app, but you can’t make brand-new advertising. Let’s figure out the procedure, shall we?

  • After logging into Instagram, choose the post you want to boost.
  • Find the Promote button under the post’s picture and click it.
  • You may adjust the Audience, Budget, and Duration of your promoted post to your liking.
  • After you have finished customizing your ad, choose the Promote button.

As soon as your advertisement has been checked out and given the green light, it will begin airing. However, remember that the estimated 60 minutes for his procedure is only an estimate.

To Advertise On Instagram, How Much Can I Expect To Pay?

The price of Instagram advertisements varies widely depending on several criteria; there is no standard or typical rate. Factors that affect the price include:

  • Intended target(s)
  • The level of competition in your field
  • The season we are in (costs often go up during holiday shopping periods in Q4, such as Black Friday)
  • Placement (costs might fluctuate between advertisements placed on Facebook vs. Instagram) (costs can differ between ads shown on Facebook vs. Instagram)

Ads Manager’s Audience Definition and Estimated Daily Results modules will help you determine whether your budget is adequate to reach your target demographic within your allotted period. Consider that there is no “best practice” regarding how much money to spend. Starting with daily investment is feasible, and you may increase your budget as needed.

  • Varieties of Instagram Commercials
  • For your campaigns, Instagram offers the following ad formats:
  • Television commercials

The maximum length for an Instagram video is 60 seconds, and the format may be either square or landscape. Now, instead of having just 15 seconds to introduce yourself and your company, you have far more time to do so.

Displayed Images For Advertising Purposes

Single photographs, either square or landscape, are the hallmark of picture ads. When it comes to visual assets, they are the simplest to produce since you need a single picture.

  • Banner advertising that rotates in a carousel fashion
  • Viewers may swipe through videos and photos in the range of 2-10.
  • Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours, allowing brands to broadcast fleeting visual content. Video or still picture ads may be placed on Instagram Stories.

Putting Ads On Instagram To Work

Facebook’s self-serve advertising technology has made it possible for anybody, as of late 2015, to learn how to make Instagram advertisements. It gives you complete command over your advertisements, including who sees them and how they look. Your advertisements will be published straight from your account rather than via a third party. A few of the many benefits of using this strategy for Instagram advertising are:

Additionally, you can’t be sure how many of your followers will see your postings since Instagram has just switched from a chronological feed to a curated feed.

Instagram Ads That May Be Targeted To A Specific Audience

When creating an advertisement on Instagram, you may use the same targeting choices as on Facebook. Location-based targeting, demographic targeting, interest-based targeting, behavior-based targeting, lookalike audience targeting, and automated targeting are all examples of this (let Facebook decide)

In addition, Instagram allows you to target your Custom Audiences specifically. A Custom Audience is a subset of Internet users who have already interacted with your brand. They may do so by accessing your site, commenting on your Facebook postings, downloading and using your app, or providing you with their contact details.


Perfect Instagram advertising may bring in a lot of cash. After reading our How to Advertise on Instagram Guide, we hope you will feel confident in making or promoting effective Instagram advertisements

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