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Applicant Tracking System

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With the power of our ATS system software, you can unleash your full hiring potential & build a stronger, more successful team.

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    Succeed with GlobalSync ATS
    Optimize Your Human Resources System

    Optimize Your Human Resources System

    Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps staffing & recruitment services streamline their recruitment process. With ATS, you can optimize your human resources & get ahead of the competition. Our software is specifically designed to make recruitment easier, faster, & more efficient.

    Features of Applicants Tracking System

    Automated Job Posting

    Automated Job Posting

    • Streamlined Hiring Process
    • Multiple Platform Integration
    • Customized Job Listings
    Applicant Screening

    Applicant Screening

    • Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks
    • Customizable Filters
    • Objective Hiring Process
    Candidate On-Boarding

    Candidate On-Boarding

    • Workflows Automation
    • Paperless Documentation
    • Quick On-Boarding
    Automated WhatsApp Updating

    Automated WhatsApp Updating

    • Instant Messaging
    • Easy Integration
    • Effortless Communication
    Automated Mail Updation

    Automated Mail Updation

    • Real-Time Notifications
    • Customized Communication
    • Consistent Follow-Up

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      Frequently asked questions

      What is an applicant tracking system software?

      An applicant tracking software is a tool used for managing & organizing job applications to ease the recruitment process. It automates time-consuming manual tasks such as receiving, sorting, & shortlisting thousands of resumes received on job boards, company careers website, social media, & other hiring platforms.

      What are the benefits of using an applicant tracking system software?

      The online applicant tracking system software offers many benefits to the recruitment process. One significant benefit is that it reduces the risk of human error in candidate screening, making it more efficient & accurate, & thus saving companies time & money. It also enables employers to measure the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts by providing them with valuable analytics & reporting.

      Can ATS applicant tracking system be used for small businesses?

      Yes, ATS can be used by businesses of all sizes, whether it be small businesses or large corporations. Small businesses can benefit greatly from ATS because they have lower recruitment budgets & often cannot afford to waste time reviewing unqualified job applications. ATS can automate processes, eliminate duplicate applications, & speed up the hiring process for a small business.

      Can ATS software replace recruiters?

      No, ATS cannot replace human recruiters. Instead, ATS frees up recruiters’ time & helps them focus on strategic & high-level recruiting rather than manual & repetitive tasks. Also, many potential candidates may be overlooked during the screening process by an ATS, which is why recruiters are needed for thorough applicant review.

      Is ATS user-friendly?

      Yes, a good ATS is very user-friendly, & at GlobalSync we pride ourselves on our easy-to-use ATS. Our applicant software is designed to be intuitive, providing recruiters with clear navigation, user-friendly interfaces, & effective functionalities for recruitment process optimization.

      How will ATS benefit your business?

      ATS software can bring a range of benefits to your business, including faster recruitment processes, better talent management & communication, reduction in human errors & bias, improvement in candidate screening & selection, & reduction in overall recruitment costs.

      Can applicant tracking system software integrate with other HR tools?

      Yes, our applicant tracking system software can integrate with other human resource tools such as performance management systems, time & attendance systems, payroll management & more depending on what the company hr processes & procedures.

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